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LW Analytics offers a range of advanced reporting and visualisation services to enable you to make the informed decisions you need to, with the data and insights at your fingertips, presented in a way that makes sense.

Engineering and construction reporting experts

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Our team is made up of SMEs (subject matter experts) across advanced reporting, analytics and visualisations, mathematics, statistics, GIS modelling, machine learning and computer science. At LW Analytics, we also have deep expertise and experience in construction projects and engineering projects, which makes our engineering and construction reporting services second to none.

Our data visualisation and analytics specialists are able to meet even the most advanced of project requirements for data, reporting, analytics and visualisation, at the highest quality standards.

Our engineering and construction report and data visualisation specialists will help your project stakeholders understand what you need them to know while providing the insight you need for better project outcomes.

Understand and leverage complex data

Our advanced reporting and visualisation services see us sift through your data, extrapolate the most important information, uncover the insights the data indicates, and present this in a way that makes sense.

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In a Technology Research Facility: Female Project Manager Talks With Chief Engineer, they Consult Tablet Computer. Team of Industrial Engineers, Developers Work on Engine Design Using Computers

Advanced reporting services

We offer a range of advanced reporting services and visualisations for projects across industries, with a specialisation in engineering and construction reports and projects.

Our range of specialist engineering and construction reports include:

Whether it’s Power B.I reporting and Power B.I visuals, drone images, crystal reports sap, GIS, modelling or any other of our advanced specialist engineering and construction reporting services, LW Analytics are your advanced visualisations and reporting specialists.

With our deep industry experience and expertise across the engineering and construction industry, and our advanced technical, reporting and analytical skill sets, we can give you the transparency and insight you need to turn the numbers into greater profit on projects.

Bringing multiple sources and insights into one place

If you are working with multiple data sources, we can help you to consolidate the data into a single visualisation, dashboard or report, for streamlined analysis.

We create reports that automatically push and pull data from a variety of software sources and consolidate this into a single source of truth which is able to be customised, shared, and filtered, depending on your needs. 

Not only will this save you time in analysis and manual data compilation, but can also improve data accuracy, and help you identify patterns and insights that may not be apparent when looking at each data set in isolation.

Business Intelligence (BI)

We analyse historic and current data to guide you to better business decisions. We combine Business Intelligence and Business Analytics applications and best practice to help you get better outcomes for your business across key moments.

GIS modelling

We help you make better decisions with GIS (Geospatial Information System) modelling and the creation of a unique GIS framework.

This means that our GIS modelling specialists will gather, manage and analyse location-based data for you; creating, storing, managing, analysing and visualising your data to provide answers to any spatial question, such as how to optimise your work sites, and risk, constraint and disruption modelling.

The best part? At LW Analytics, we’re not just GIS modelling experts, we’re GIS modelling specialists for the engineering and construction sectors specifically, and we’ve got the niche experience and knowledge you need to get maximum benefit for your projects.

How you’ll benefit from our reporting services

There are a huge number of benefits to partnering with LW Analytics for the professional reporting and visualisation of complex data.

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Engage LW Analytics for your next engineering and construction project and you’ll benefit from:

Why LW Analytics for your reporting & visualisations?

Here’s what sets us above other data visualisation companies.

We understand the data and engineering and construction projects

What sets us above other reporting data visualisation companies is our deep industry expertise and experience in engineering and construction.

We take the time to ensure that we’re all on the same page

Your reporting and data visualisation consultant will get everyone on board and on the same page, from our reporting, data visualisation and analytics experts to your management team, project stakeholders, project managers and relevant contractors.

Our data analysis experts will present the data in ways that are easy to digest and decipher

Data aggregation isn't just about making the conclusions; it's about presenting them in a format which enables fast, informed decisions. Our data visualisation and analytics team will make sure your engineering and construction reports do just that.

We can customise your reports and visualisations to the specific areas you want insights on.

Engaging a data visualisation specialist like LW Analytics means your engineering and construction reports hone in on the areas that make the biggest impact for your business. With our niche industry knowledge and experience, we turn the numbers into powerful insights and visualisations.

We save you time with fine-tuned data aggregation and presentation

Our reports and visualisations focus on the data that’s important to you, sifting through the hordes of information to find the elements you care about.

Our reporting, data visualisation and analytics services free up your team to focus on your projects.

We save you time, so you can focus on other areas of your business and freeing up your team to focus on your projects

Our team works with you and takes your expertise onboard

We know you are experts in your field, and we work with you to present the information you need from the data to make the calls you need to make

Our engineering and construction report specialists make your stakeholder communications easier

Effective reporting and visualisations are essential for communicating complex data and insights to stakeholders. 

Through these services, we enable you to present information to stakeholders in a way that they can all understand. Bringing everyone onto the same page and making decisions easier. 

Our visualisations and reports can be customised to your needs, varied in presentation and depth depending on the audience, and consistent, so that your stakeholders know what they’re looking at and what to expect.

Business people in suits collaborating in the office, looking at data on a table together.

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Save time while ensuring that you are looking at the most important data for your decision making process, with LW Analytics reporting and visualisation services. You’ll free up time within your own team so that your people can focus on the areas you need their expertise, while simplifying your reporting and analysis processes and making stakeholder communication easier. We turn raw data into powerful reporting and visualisations with accurate information and insight that empowers better decision-making and stakeholder relationships.

Visualisations & Reporting