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Unlock the power of your data with project-specific data analytics, delivered by a team of qualified experts in mathematics, statistics, computer science, GIS modelling, A.I and machine learning.

A crucial component of greater outcomes

Data analytics is a critical tool for engineering, construction, and project management industries to enhance project outcomes. Our experts in Data Analytics can help you extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data, and use this to make more informed decisions, reduce costs, and improve overall project efficiency. Whether it’s data analytics consulting or our other data analytics services, we’ll help you unlock actionable insight from your data.

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Advanced data analytics services

We offer a range of advanced data analytics services, including:

A highly advanced team of data analytics consultants

The LW Analytics team is made up of industry specialists with degrees, Masters and PhDs in mathematics, statistics, computer science, GIS modelling, A.I. and machine learning. Each of our highly tech-skilled analytics experts is supported by our industry-leading project management team, which gives you a project-specific data analytics service like no other.

Predictive analytics services that are a step above

LW Analytics provides predictive analytics services that go above and beyond the traditional statistical models and their ‘best fit’ forecasting. 

We use machine learning, paired with niche expertise and experience in construction and engineering, to improve predictions and identify the key drivers behind data. This allows us to provide you with more reliable, more accurate forecasting.

Why LW Analytics for your data analytics?

Here’s how your project outcomes can benefit

With the actionable insights that our predictive analytics services, deep experience and expertise, and proprietary software unlocks, you can expect to see tangible improvements in your projects.

You can benefit from:

The insight LW Analytics provides with our data analytics services can help you to:

Our data analytics consultants are experienced in ‘Supervised’ and ‘Unsupervised’ Machine Learning models

Our team of engineering and construction data analytics consultants has experience and expertise across all forms of Machine Learning and Statistical modelling, allowing you to save money and increase productivity across all of your projects.

Whether it’s ‘Supervised learning models’ (training on historic samples), or ‘Unsupervised learning models’ (no known examples exist) that you need monitored or analysed, our team can assist.

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Data analytics FAQs

Have questions? These are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our data analytics services.

Data analytics consulting is where a data analytics company provides you with consulting services in data, your data strategy, and your data and systems set up. Data analytics consulting services can also include specialist advice from an experienced data analytics consultant, or from various data analytics companies, into what your data means.

Data analytics services on the other hand, can mean doing the data and analytics groundwork, like statistical modelling and construction data analytics, but may not involve as much consulting and advice on that data or the analysis work.

At LW Analytics, we provide both data analytics services and data analytics consulting. We are a data analytics company with specialist experience in engineering and construction industry data and analytics. We can carry out the data and analytical work, create you a data analytics strategy, and provide you with all the conclusions, consultancy and specialist advice you’d like. Talk to a data analytics consultant in our team today to get started with our leading solutions for data analytics in construction and engineering.

A data strategy, or data and analytics strategy, defines the data governance framework and analytical solutions your business and any data analytics companies or data analytics consultants working for you will use to gather data, analyse data, and use that data to inform business decisions. It can include anything to do with data, data gathering and analysis within your business operations and business processes, and focuses on using data and analytics to help you get the most value out of your data sets in a way that will help you improve processes and make better business decisions. If you’d like to get more value from your data and analytics processes, get in touch with our data analytics specialists today and learn how we can help you leverage big data to give yourself a competitive advantage, improve your operations and decision making and get better outcomes from your projects.

Data analytics plays a vital role in the engineering, construction, and project management sectors. By leveraging data analytics, you can extract valuable insights from extensive data and multiple data points. A sound data and analytics strategy and the right data management and analysis will see you make more informed decisions which leads to cost reduction, greater project outcomes and enhanced overall project efficiency. Engineering and construction data analytics can help you increase your profits on projects and unlock greater clarity and certainty across your projects.

Here’s what makes us stand out from other data analytics companies when it comes to our data analytics in construction and engineering.

The LW Analytics team consists of specialised industry experts with real-world experience in the construction and engineering industry. This combined with the expertise gained through advanced degrees in fields such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, GIS modelling, A.I., and machine learning engineer specialisations, gives us an unbeatable knowledge of data analytics as it applies to the industry. Our analytics specialists are also backed by our experienced project management team, allowing us to provide project-specific data analytics services and data analytics consulting, tailored to your needs. We also have a host of industry-leading tech solutions that unlock insight for your business decisions.

LW Analytics is a data analytics company that moves beyond traditional statistical models. Our engineering and construction data analytics specialists use machine learning, statistical modelling and advanced analytical techniques, combined with our niche expertise in the construction and engineering sectors. This approach improves predictions and zeroes in on the primary drivers behind the data, giving you more accurate and reliable forecasting and

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Get powerful insight into your projects and data and unlock greater commercial outcomes with our experienced team of engineering and construction industry data analytics specialists. Let us use our expertise, combined with our leading technology solutions, to deliver more clarity that you can turn into better results.

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