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Bringing practical analytical solutions to construction and project management

LW Analytics is a technical consulting firm that specialises in providing analytical solutions to the construction and engineering sectors.

We combine our innovative, customised in-house technology solutions, with our analytical skillset, to deliver data-driven insights and solve the biggest challenges facing the construction and engineering industry.

Our firm is built on a deep understanding of construction and project management, and provides cutting-edge digital modelling and analytics services to clients across Australia and to global markets.

We improve your project predictability and efficiency through the collection, management and conversion of raw data. Our team offers technical excellence and expertise that turns data into tangible, valuable insight.

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The history of LW Analytics

LW Analytics started as a division of Lewis Woolcott, providing data analytics and modeling support to project management consultancies.

The services and capability expanded rapidly, resulting in the formation of the new LW Analytics business, built on a deep understanding of construction and project management.

LW Analytics provides cutting-edge digital modeling and analytics services to the construction and engineering sectors. We collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information and increase the efficiency and predictability of construction projects through advanced analytics.

A team of experts

Our team is made up of subject matter experts (SMEs) in mathematics, statistics, computer science, GIS modelling and machine learning. 

We leverage this expertise to collect, manage and convert raw data into usable information that can be utilised to optimise construction projects. We build intuitive, accurate and reliable models.

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Tangible benefits for your projects

Our team’s specialist experience and expertise means that you can benefit from:

  • Fast creation of interactive Power BI reports
  • Customised dashboards that automate data collation
  • Automated integration of systems like Primavera and SAP
  • Image recognition that provides automated classification and segmentation of assets and machinery
  • Predictive models that can help reduce safety incidents, cost blow-outs, and delays to projects
  • More predictability of project outcomes 
  • Optimisation models that increase productivity and reduce waste and CO2 emissions. 
  • Fully automated optimisation and alerting systems that control workflows in real-time. 
  • The ability to respond to changes faster, with real-time data analysis and automated responses.

Sectors we’ve worked in

We work across sectors and have successfully delivered enhanced analytical solutions to many big names in the industry.

Mining & resources

Infrastructure — roads & rail

Utilities — power & water

Renewables — wind, solar & hydro

Oil & gas

About ACE — our Analytic Centre of Excellence

We know that digital transformations can be complex. So we have a program to help you with exactly that: ACE (Analytic Centre of Excellence).

Our ACE program sees us work with you to create a low-risk, feasible, high-value digital transformation strategy while engaging your internal stakeholders.

ACE is designed to deliver both quick wins and long-term, strategic use cases, ensuring that you achieve success every step of the way. It takes a strategic, data-driven approach using our own scientific framework to create feasible, high-value roadmaps for any analytics use cases.

Throughout this process, we prioritise delivering value frequently and consistently, so you can retain high ROI and we can exceed your expectations.

Ask us more about ACE today.

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