Advanced analytics consulting for better efficiency and predictability

We’re a highly experienced technical consulting firm with advanced data analytics solutions.

Get the most from your data, systems, and new technology

Advanced analytics for better efficiency and predictability

We’re a highly experienced technical consulting firm, bringing tangible, logical and valuable analytical solutions to the construction and engineering sectors.

Maximise project profits with advanced, real-time, decision-driving data

At LW Analytics, we stand at the forefront of technical consulting with our advanced analytics solutions tailored specifically for the construction and engineering sectors. LW Analytics’ tangible, logical and valuable analytical solutions bring more proactive and informed decision-making, reduced delay and risk, stronger project controls, reduced cost, and improved project compliance and success to your business. Our expertise in construction data analytics transforms the way projects are managed and executed, driving better efficiency and predictability.

By leveraging analytical solutions that harness the power of data analytics in construction and beyond, we empower our clients with the ability to make proactive, informed decisions. Our advanced analytics solutions are designed to enhance project profitability through real-time, decision-driving data. The integration of analytics construction methodologies ensures reduced delays and risks while fostering stronger project controls, minimising costs, and elevating project compliance and success within the construction industry data analytics realm.

The outcome? Real-time data, informed decisions and more money on projects.

See our ready-to-go solutions for yourself.

Empower proactive decision-making with unprecedented clarity on projects

Enable real-time data-driven decision-making. Track lead indicators for risks and delays, uncover bottlenecks and inefficiencies as they are happening, and create a single source of truth for KPIs and performance. Show a live, real-time measure of plan vs actual, making insights available to anyone, anywhere. Our data analytics tools and project management software are designed for construction project management, helping project managers and project teams navigate through the construction process with enhanced project efficiency.

We offer a range of analytical solutions to maximise your potential

Data Engineering

Data management, system integration, data migration, IOT, Cloud migration, database set-up, scaling and maintenance.

Data Analytics

Advanced project-specific data analytics and consultancy, using advanced technologies and analysis.

Visualisations & Reporting

Power B.I Reporting to GIS visuals, heat mapping and modelling, custom visualisations, data aggregation, real-time automated reporting and more.

Software Development

Bespoke software development, project management, troubleshooting and bug fixes of existing software, and other advanced software development services.

Data Integrity

A comprehensive range of services to ensure the reliability and accuracy of your data capture, including setup, visualisation, automation, security, filtering, training, and support.

We understand what's behind the data

LW Analytics’ highly experienced technical consulting experts also possess a wealth of expertise in construction and engineering projects. So we understand what’s behind the data, and we use this to unlock improved business performance for you. Our data analysis and predictive analytics are the keystones in helping to streamline construction processes, leading to improved project outcomes.

Our specialist sector knowledge enables us to: 

  • Build more intuitive, accurate, reliable models, faster — with shorter Q&A periods
  • Focus on what’s important to you, with targeted findings and recommendations
  • Help you improve your project predictability and outcomes for time, cost, quality, safety, and environmental impact

About LW Analytics

LW Analytics provides cutting-edge digital modelling and analytics services to the construction and engineering sectors. We excel in construction data analytics, transforming raw data into actionable insight, with cutting-edge modelling and analytics services, thereby increasing the predictability of your projects and maximising your potential for productivity and outcomes.

With specific expertise in mathematics, statistics, computer science, GIS modelling and machine learning, our team provides a niche and specialised service that caters to the unique needs of construction firms and construction professionals.

Committed to transparent communication and solutions

Our commitment to solutions, clear communication, and collaboration are big things that set us apart. Our approach enables construction companies to streamline construction processes, enhance quality control, and ensure successful project outcomes through data-driven solutions.

We simplify complex technology for non-technical businesses by working closely with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and straightforwardly communicating advanced concepts and practices. This ensures seamless client integration and effective economic solutions that make a real difference. We also offer training and support for ongoing leverage of your data analytics and our expertise.

About the team

LW Analytics has a team of highly skilled and specialised subject matter experts in mathematics, statistics, computer science, GIS modelling, AI, machine learning, and project management. Within our team, we have specialists with degrees, Masters and PhDs in these areas. 

This, paired with our unique, deep understanding of project management and the construction and engineering industries, allows us to offer an unbeatable analytical service. Our team of Subject Matter Experts provide technical excellence and data-centric practical solutions for your business. Our analytics construction and construction analytics solutions are tailor-made to improve construction project efficiency and project outcomes, ensuring better project outcomes for construction project owners and stakeholders.

A proven team of experts

With our team of experts, you know your project is in good hands.

John Lewis

John Lewis


With a passion for bringing analytical and digital solutions to the construction industry, John is the inventor of several proprietary technologies including SMART and LOGIC+. Over his career, John has led global commercial functions for international organisations such as GE Oil & Gas and Origin Energy.

Dan Woolcott

Dan Woolcott


Dan is a highly skilled senior executive providing industry leadership and governance with exceptional commercial acumen. He has over 28 years of experience across road and rail transportation, heavy civils, infrastructure, oil & gas, and mining sectors in Australia, Asia and Europe

Technology + experience + expertise

LW Analytics is part of the Lewis Woolcott group of companies, providing cutting–edge digital modelling and analytical services to the construction, engineering and infrastructure sectors.

We use innovative, bespoke technological solutions, like our proprietary in-house LW Tech solutions, paired with our advanced expertise, niche industry experience, and analytical prowess, to deliver effective and economical solutions to the most complex issues in the industry.

Our technologically enhanced processes give us (and those who work with us) a unique advantage while allowing us to drive better outcomes for your projects.

Analytic Centre Of Excellence (ACE)
by LW Analytics

Our ACE (Analytic Centre of Excellence) program is designed to help businesses navigate complex digital transformations by working closely with them to create feasible, data-driven strategies that deliver quick wins and long-term value.

With ACE, we engage internal stakeholders while working with you to create a low-risk, high-value digital transformation strategy for any analytics use cases.

Through a scientific framework and a strategic approach, we prioritise delivering value frequently and consistently to ensure high ROI and exceed expectations, helping you achieve greater success at every step.

Ask us more about ACE today.

Why choose LW Analytics?

The answer is in our principles. 

LW Analytics is guided by eight core principles that are integral to providing exceptional data analytics services and solutions to every client;


Our highly skilled technical experts possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their respective areas. We take pride in being able to tackle any challenge and deliver great construction data analytics solutions.


Whether it's machine learning, software development, or other work, we keep you informed throughout the process and make sure you have complete confidence in our work.


Our dynamic construction data analytics approach at LW Analytics enables us to adjust to shifts in market conditions and your evolving needs. We continually innovate and refine our solutions to stay at the forefront of the data analytics industry and ahead of the curve.


Our agile approach allows us to respond quickly to changing circumstances and seize opportunities. We are able to pivot and adapt to new situations and are committed to ensuring we remain nimble, responsive, and make strategic choices.


We harness the power of cutting-edge technology to develop and deliver the very best service. Our focus on innovation and forward-thinking enables us to continue providing industry-leading construction data analytics solutions.


At the heart of our approach is recognising that solid collaborations and partnerships are crucial to finding effective solutions to complex problems. We bring together diverse perspectives and areas of expertise to achieve this.


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of quality across all our products and services, prioritising excellence above all else.


Our operational model is streamlined and optimised, allowing us to achieve maximum productivity while minimising costs.

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Global presence with local influence.

Our local Australian team works nationally across Australia and within global markets.

We have successfully delivered enhanced analytical solutions to many big names in the industry across multiple sectors, including the Mining Resources, Utilities, Energy and OIl & Gas sectors.


Strategically enhance your organisation and performance with a proven team of experts

We can provide cutting-edge technology and advanced analytical skills to take your business to the next level. Talk to our analytical experts today to learn more about how we can help you reach greater success, with data-driven insights, guided by expertise.