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LW Analytics offers a range of data engineering solutions to help you ensure your data is set up correctly, optimised, scalable and secure.

Our data engineering expertise

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Our highly qualified technical experts are skilled, qualified, and experienced in:

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Maximise the value of your data

Our data engineering services provide efficient and effective data management, streamlined data migration and integration, and enhanced data security. This allows you to maximise the value of your data and your ability to use it to your best advantage.

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Here’s how you’ll benefit from LW Analytics’ data engineering

Data collection, management and retrieval systems that are correctly set up can help your outcomes in a number of ways, including:

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Why LW Analytics for your data engineering?

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Data management, set up, scaling & maintenance and system integration

Our team can unlock the full potential of your construction project data. We specialise in bringing different sources together, consistently coding the data to reveal powerful insights, and deriving insights from combinations of data. 

Our data engineering specialists can give you the powerful insights you need to get better results from your projects. From integrating cost and schedule data, to including SMART, BIM, Primavera and other data sources for automated real-time project controls, we’ll give you the tools you need to improve your oversight and success. Our data engineering scientists cover the full range of data engineering services.

Cloud and data migration

Legacy on-premises data warehouses can set you back, due to difficulty of scalability and expansion. 

Our experienced cloud and data engineers can navigate the complicated space of migrating your data warehouses to the cloud for you; building, designing and migrating your data to the Cloud efficiently, professionally and securely. 

Our data migration and cloud migration data engineering services provide a scalable solution that makes data accessible from anywhere in the world. With the help of our team you can seamlessly transfer to the cloud, without any hassle or stress.

IoT (Internet of Things)

LW Analytics can help you maximise the full potential of IoT. Our team of data engineering experts specialise in IoT solutions, and can help you with the design, building and installation of IoT systems, as well as their ongoing operation and data and network management.

Our team has extensive experience across IoT network solutions, including:`

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of networking and managing the high volumes of data generated by IoT sensors with our comprehensive data engineering services.

With our expertise in database design, API calls, data communication, and networking, we can also assist with any issues you may encounter within your IoT network.

We can help you set up your data systems, and then interpret them

The holistic data analytics solutions and data engineering services that we offer at LW Analytics means that we don’t just help you with the setup and system integration of your data and systems. Once your data is ready, our analytics services can help you unleash its full value by interpreting what that data is telling you.

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A world of data can be placed at your fingertips

IoT sensors and technology can capture a wealth of information. From machine statistics to environmental conditions, these devices work almost autonomously. Our data engineers and data scientists will help you access (and utilise) all the knowledge that you need for your success, and help you with the networking and transmission of the data that is generated.

Data engineering FAQs

Have questions? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about data engineering.

Data engineering is the discipline of designing, constructing, integrating, and maintaining the architectural framework for collecting, storing, analysing, and operationalising data. It involves creating and managing large datasets, developing data processing systems, converting raw data into usable data formats, and ensuring data integrity and reliability.

Data engineering ensures that data is accurate, reliable, and easily accessible. It provides you with the foundation to make informed decisions, find actionable insights, innovate, and remain competitive in a data-driven industry.

Data engineering plays a pivotal role in the construction and engineering sectors by optimising project management, forecasting equipment maintenance, and enhancing safety protocols. It helps in processing vast amounts of data from digital building models, site sensors, and historical records to improve decision-making. This fusion of data insights with traditional construction practices leads to greater efficiency, cost savings, and innovative project execution.

We offer a complete range of advanced analytics and data services for better efficiency and predictability over your construction and engineering projects. We’re a highly experienced technical consulting firm with expertise in not only the data strategy, data science, data mining and data assets, but we also have specific expertise and experience in the construction and engineering sectors. We offer a range of advanced analytical solutions, as well as industry-leading technology that outshines industry standard tools. From data engineering, data analytics, visualisations and reporting to software development and data integrity, we offer a range of data services that give you the intelligent insights you need to drive results, increase productivity, get real time insights, and meet your strategic goals. We use leading technology combined with advanced data analytics and deep experience to provide real insight.

While data engineering focuses on the architecture and infrastructure for data generation, collection, and storage, data science focuses on deriving insights from complex and unstructured data. Data engineers provide the tools and infrastructure needed for data scientists to conduct their analyses. At LW Analytics, we take care of both of these areas of data. We can provide data engineer services, setting up and optimising your data infrastructure, data sources and data storage systems, then we can provide data preparation, data science and advanced analytics services to help you derive meaning and insight from that data.

A data pipeline refers to a set of processes that moves data from one system to another, typically for the purposes of data ingestion, processing, storage, or analysis. Data pipelines are technically a series of data processing elements connected in series, where the output of one element is the input of the next. It can be referred to in this way, or it can be used as a general term meaning the set of processes to move data from one system to another.

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Whether it’s cloud migration, data management, system integration or database set up, scaling and maintenance, our data engineering experts can ensure that your data systems and networks are set up to provide you with the insight you need. Talk to one of our experts today to learn more and get started.

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